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Earthshine 2021 | short

The Beautiful Game 2020 | webseries, pilot episode

Night Glow 2019 | short

Libertad 2019  | short

Patterns In the Sky 2019 | music video, artist: Easton & Nicolette Smith

Voicemail 2018 | short, written by Diego Toussaint

Transparent Walls 2017short

Penis Latte 2017short


Sunday Evening 2020 | short, dir. by Jared Hinton

Mija 2019 | short, dir. by Priscilla Emprechtinger 

Rideshare 2019 | short film, dir. by Jose Escorcia (released on Hooked)

Let Us Pray 2019 | short, dir. by Devan Ford

Night Heat 2019 | music video, dir. by Juan Martín Sánchez, artist: Goldshimmer

I‘ll be Watching You 2019 | music video, dir. by Bobby Johnson

Spotify 2018 | spec commercial, dir. by Aaron Field

In the Green 2018 | short, directed by Aaron Field (screened at JellyFest, Hollywood, Just4Shorts, LA Film Awards)

Dead Whispers 2018 | short, directed by Alexey Golitsyn

Departure 2018 | short, directed by Sungho Chun (screened at Cinema Italian Style)

The Lover 2017 | short, directed by Ximeng Wang


Mood Swings 2020 | music video, dir. by Diego Toussaint, DP: Juan Martín Sánchez

Ballad of the Late Night Blues 2019 | short, dir. by Herbert Hidalgo, DP: Heidi Zimmermann

Axel 2019 | short, dir. by Zane Hudson, DP: Juan Martín Sánchez

Café Martinique 2018 | commercial, dir. by Diego Toussaint, DP: Juan Martín Sánchez 

1st AC 

Honey, Carly And The Universe 2020 | music video, DP: Preston Maestri-Petnunas

Repeat 2019 | music video, dir. by Yanqing Chen,DP: Yuwei Du

Attempt 2018 | short, dir. by Bobby Johnson, DP: Aaron Field

Gold 2018 | commercial, dir. by Romelia Osorio, DP: Yuwei Du

Guard 2018 | short, dir. by Jose Escorcia, DP: Aaron Field

2nd AC 

Craft 2020 | short, dir. by Sam Golzari, DP: Emily Hock 

Foreign 2019 | short, dir. by Shayan Ebrahim, DP: Emily Hock

7.77  2019 | short, dir. by Caglan Ozdogan, DP: Zac Stanke

Desolate 2019 | short, dir. by Jose Escorcia, DP: Zac Stanke

He Devil 2019 | short, dir. by Romelia Osorio, DP: Jaan Utno

Sour 2019 | short, dir. by / DP: Jeremy Patsy

Fawket 2018 | short, dir. by Herbert Hidalgo, DP: Bobby Johnson


Falling 2020 | short, directed by Lucas Monteiro

What‘s in The Attic 2019 | short, dir. by Jose Escorcia, DP: Aaron Field (released on Hooked)

Darkroom 2019 | short, dir. by Lucas Monteiro, DP: Nick Azzaro

Wilmas 2019 | short, dir. by Alejandra Guzman, DP: Natalia Moscoso 


Night Glow 2019 | short

Earthshine 2018short

Transparent Walls 2017short

Penis Latte 2017short


Retrieval 2020 | short, dir. by Nick Azzaro

Romeo 2020 | short, dir. by Ximeng Wang

Haengsyo 2019 | short, directed by Aaron Field

Broken People 2019 | short, dir. by Lucas Monteiro

Years of Faith 2018 | short, dir. by Priscilla Emprechtinger

Carrotism 2018 | short, dir. by Yann Chen

Just Be Gentle 2018 | short, dir. by Ximeng Wang


Dog 2020 | feature, Assistant to Executive Producer Betsy Danbury, dir. by Channing Tatum & Reid Carolin

Night Glow 2019 | short

Coffee 2019 | short, dir. by Sungho Chun 

Earthshine 2018short

Transparent Walls 2017short

Penis Latte 2017short


Into the Gaze 2019 | short, dir. by Vitoria Mitsuyo

Crazy Girls 2019 | music video, Alexis Cruz

Into Your Arms 2018 | short, dir. by Leeni Linna

Gone By Midnight 2018 | short, dir. Caglan Ozdogan

Exploration 2018 | short, dir. by Ryan Parsons (screened at calshorts)

Ally 16 Almost 17  2018 | short, dir. by Katrine Dolmer

From the Other Side 2018 | short, dir. by Romelia Osorio

Never Ending Story 2018 | short, dir. by Sungho Chun

August 2017 | short, dir. by Yuexi Guo

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